“End-to-end Market Research Solutions, Intelligent Insights, Inventive Technology and a Personalized Approach.”

Data-Driven Diligence

With our state-of-the-art tools, effective survey practices, end-to-end software solutions and a consultative & personalized approach, we aim to bridge the gap between known circumstances and unknown possibilities by providing accurate insights and meaningful solutions.

Gaurav Agarwal

CEO, Torfac

“We, at Torfac, thrive for success, transparency and building lasting relations with team members, colleagues and of course, our clients”, says Gaurav. “Creating value with a sense of purpose, using some fundamental and inexcusable key values – trust, commitment, personal discipline and improved morale of everyone. Creating an environment for openness, where feedback and suggestions are not appreciated, but rewarded. Torfac is on a simple mission, creating a change for the better, for what we do, how we do, and whom we do it for.”

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