Market Research

Types of Market Research Methods

From the purchase behaviour of targeted consumers to the likelihood of them paying a particular price for a product or service, market research helps businesses understand all of it and enables them to make informed strategic decisions based on the collected data. The information collected from market research is used to customize marketing and advertising

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The process of Market Research

As a business, there are certain key questions that need to be answered before making any important decision. These questions help in understanding the scope of growth for the business and how the stakeholders and consumers would react to those decisions. Accurate answers to questions like, “Why or why not your targeted consumers shall buy

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Importance Of Market Research

Importance of Market Research

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire As the age of information progresses and surpasses one milestone after another, it has become extremely difficult to efficiently identify the correct information and to differentiate it from all its false counterparts. Today, success depends on how well one can gauge the

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Corporate Transitions during CoViD-19

The pneumatic pandemic CoViD-19 has caused a lot of damage to the economy by disrupting the global supply chain of products and services. Many firms, especially in the field of Information Technology, have been forced to restructure their organizations in compliance with the latest WHO & CDC guidelines. Because the spread of this pandemic has

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