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Our fully integrated, end-to-end repertoire of research services helps you to take crucial strategic decisions, giving you the competitive edge to drive your business’ success.


Data Processing
& Analytics



Practical Reporting
& Presentation

Decades of experience in programming and sampling methodologies and simplified tools enable us to provide access to respondents in real time. We assess, bid, and launch projects in minutes. Quick, efficient and transparent respondent experience to provide precise insights for your crucial business decisions.

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Why should you choose us?

Torfac is a global End to End Market Research leader with expertise in reaching out into niche and difficult to access markets and target relevant audiences for accurate insights and data. We do it through multiple manual, AI/ML verifications and quality checks at different stages of the research process.


15M+ Surveys

finished annually


800 Panels

profile attributes for B2B & B2C audience, reaching difficult targets

New Panelists

1100+ New Panelists

recruited every day

Recruited Members

Recruited Members

through 85 global online publishers

Verified Panelists

In 29+ countries all around the globe.

56 Vigorous In-house Quality Checks

WiseCheck on each survey participation

24/7 Support

around the world.

More than just research

Torfac is a trusted research partner for planning, forecasting and achieving the next cycle of your business growth. Take better business decisions driven by reliable data and insights.

How do we stand out?

With our decades of expertise in market research, inventive technology and intelligent insights, you also get a personalized, human approach and an assurance of comprehensive growth.

A Team of Diligence

Customized, dedicated team for your industry, business and research needs.

In-House Tools

Full suite of in-house developed tools for ease and efficiency.

Deep Targeting

Exceptionally deep targeting for all your research goals to scale with ease.

Transparency and Commitment

We are transparent, offer clear pricing and stand 100% behind our commitment.

Real-Time Insights

We are transparent, offer clear pricing and stand 100% behind our commitment.

AI and ML

Our tech and development oriented team ensures the most efficient AI and machine learning deployment.

Diverse Portfolio

Our array of target industries include everything from Banking and Insurance to Automotive, Media, Food & Hospitality to Marketing and E-Com.


With our presence in prominent business capitals like Toronto, New York, Delhi and Singapore, we are able to provide our market research expertise to businesses around the world.

What our clients think about us

“Your flexibility to launch projects quickly even on late hours is something which helps us tremendously, to fill and complete those late requests from our clients.”

I was not expecting such outstanding movement.

We have heard a lot of good news about Wise recently from our sales team and are building a lot of momentum. We are happy to see the work growing with your team

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