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Torfac provide a basic and viable research programming solution to help you narrow down your results. In addition to survey design, a survey programming, interpretation, data handling assessment, and counseing, our counseling innovation, and global rules guide you through the entire survey process.

Automate, model or customize. Our solutions draw on cutting-edge technology, human expertise and award-winning research design to unlock the unknown and make your next decision the best. Using automation, dashboards, real-time reporting, and mobile optimization, our team of experienced project managers and survey programmers can provide you with an integrated approach to achieving the best results and interpreting research of the highest quality.

We are here to cater to your requirements

We can create survey scripts or develop custom survey programs. flexible? Every time. Whether you choose self-service or need to be very careful, success is our number one priority.



On your own, use the Torfac Start platform. Our platform was built by researchers, for researchers, and our expert approaches ar available with a single click.



We've created simple solutions that we can activate at any time within the platform. Utilize our cutting-edge techniques in real-time.



Alows us to plan a full help way to deal with addressing the issues of your business - we take care of you.

What Distinguishes Us?

  • lithe and adaptable
  • Precise and enthusiastic
  • Dependable and secure

Your requirements are significant

With a full suite of our solutions, you can propel your business forward.

Knowledge of the market

The market is ever-changing. Your rivals are changing. Are they ahead of the game? Comprehend market size, landscape, and key contenders.


Do you have any idea what brand messages resound with your shoppers? Brands are confronting phenomenal difficulties – but at the same time are given new freedoms. Customer bits of knowledge power shrewd and consistently developing brand procedures.

Agile Development of new products

At the point when agile product advancement is an absolute necessity, agile consumer bits of knowledge are considerably more significant. Get what works, refine what doesn’t and offer fruitfu products for sale to the public – every time.

Advertising and innovative testing

Is your campaign’s creativity effective? Will it be in three months? Test ideas with your audience and change your strategy depending on quick criticism from your clients.

Solutions for Survey

Some of the time you know what you want, and all you want is admittance to respondents or help with your survey.Even when it comes to essentials, we’re always here to help.

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