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At the pace of the on-demand economy, real-time insights are available. Worldwide scale, cutting-edge technology, and original research design.

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We are a strong Market Research house, delivering full-service market research projects and real-time insights at the pace of the on-demand economy across every continent and every industry obtaining a powerful cross-industry experience. We combine cutting-edge, vertical skills and huge a consumer panel.
What’s the significance here for you? It implies you can accomplish research quicker than expected with a less budget plan. It implies you can create a research program tailored to your specific requirements, whether self-service or full consultancy. It implies you can trust our extensive industry knowledge since quality is built into every aspect of our interaction. What’s more, it implies you can do it at scale.

Torfac, a fully integrated, end-to-end repertoire of research services platforms in the industry helps you to make crucial strategic decisions.

Torfac is versatile, allowing it to be utilized for everything from simple quick-turn research to extremely sophisticated research projects, making it the one-source insights platform for genuine end-to-end market research. And because the Torfac consumer panel is completely linked, insights are delivered in real-time rather than days or weeks. 

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Years of research experience define our approach to SaaS development

Technique and Expertise:

Tailored research and industry expertise. We bring our best ideas to life on our platform.

Service and Assistance:

Whether you need a little assistance or a completely personalized analysis, we have a group of specialists here to help you en route.

A panel of Torfac influencers:​

Our board interfaces you to the social voting arrangement of over 30 million consumers in 50+ nations. Progressed focusing on capabilities incorporated to get to the chinese marketplace.


We believe in the future: The smallest and most daring power of action will change the present and make the future better.
We deliver ahead: We – the pioneers, the practitioners, the scholars, the starters. We innovate through connections, turning millions of human interactions into ideas, and ideas into leaps and bounds. We use the power of opinion to find the unique story behind each voice to powerfully change future moments.
Our united goal is to move forward: It’s about trying the impossible. Illuminates what could have been and breathes life into it. After all, the future does not develop on its own. You can explore right now, tomorrow. Go from the unknown to the known. This is what drives us forward. And forward – what we do best.

We are uniquely qualified to meet your requirements


We drive innovation forward. Pioneering innovation is a confirmation of our development.


We provide genuine outcomes. Impeccable quality breeds unwavering faith.

Expertise and Panel

People’s power is something we are all aware of. Our human board and experiences fuel our ideas.


You have to think fast and act fast. Don't just adapt with us, also move forward.


Providing you with the tools to apprehend tomorrow today. We predict what will happen next based on what is currently happening.

Qualities most important to us​

Honesty and decency

We treat our team, clients, and accomplices how we need to be dealt with.

Unity is the key to victory.

We achieve our objectives through working as a team toward a single purpose.

Maintain a straightforward approach

We take the difficult and make it simple.

Keen choices in action

We execute plans without delay and remain agile to alter on request

Customers should be delighted.

We strive to go above and beyond expectations, transforming satisfaction into ecstasy.

Take a chance.

We accept big and little suggestions that push us to grow and adapt.

Remunerate incredible work

We accept execution as the reason for headway. Do great work and great things come