Data and Control Panel

Obtain your data in a split second. From continuous field reports and word for word reactions to further developed analysis.

Essential Characteristics

Progressed Analytics

Progressed Analytics:

Weigh, subgroup, filter, and test your data at all significance levels

Information tailored to your needs

Information tailored to your needs:

Simplified PowerPoint slides, word cloud scripts, fabricated tables, and play banners as needed.

High-esteem Control Panel

High-esteem Control Panel:

Degree execution against KPIs in minutes with dashboards outlined to supply noteworthy insights.

Insights that matter

Immediate access to data

Immediate access to data:

The data is readily available and with the capacity to get to handle reports and examine information while surveys are still in-field.

Influence progressed insightful strategies

Influence progressed insightful strategies:

Weight the data, create subgroups, and filter and test for all significance levels.

Completing the reporting platform

Completing the reporting platform

Field reports, word-for-word reactions, and key figures in one interface.

Personalized data

Personalized data:

Create PowerPoint, drag and drop word cloud scripts and make table/play banners depending on the situation.

To learn more see demo reports in the data and control panel

Real-time analytics and dashboards

Measure information and performance of key audience segments against key performance indicators.