Transforming Technology

The use of immersive technologies has revolutionized various industries globally and market research has not been an exception. Our technology partner Klugus provides the underlying technological support for all your transformative projects..


Tech underpins everything we do at Torfac, its embedded in all of our teams, its embedded in our culture, it is vital for what we do. We own all of our traffic and take ownership for that. We have got 30 in house tech experts providing support for every single project and product we work for. The investment we put for both of these people and tech is phenomenal.

Klugus has developed our plug and play model A quick method of integration for our publishers, to monetize their premium inventory and users.

We are also very well equipped to integrate through Demand/Supply APIs. Our tech team can get you integrated to our systems at the speed of business.

Technology Precision SAMPLING

Network Sampling

To provide you with a representative online population, without any bias or any preconceived notions. Reach out to people from all demographics, who are members of Torfac.

Contextual Sampling

Each day, users browse the web exploring their passions across millions of web pages. We connect with those panel members who are also contextual in their online activity, access content that’s relative. This happens through our network – automatically and in real time. Ensure utmost precision by powerful contextual sampling.

Behavioral Sampling

Torfac collects data points as respondents click from site to site, taking note of what they buy, what they read and what they search for. The more time goes on, the more data is collected. This allows our targeting to be much more dynamic, and can gauge interests and preferences of its members. This way, we are able to make research much more about the “sample”. We constantly learn our members and their preferences, profiles and behavior. This is beneficial both ways. Our members get the surveys they are more likely to respond to, and you get the right audience for your research.

Semantic Sampling

Torfac enables semantic sampling by analyzing the entire profile of members rather than a few parameters, and how it can relate to the overall objective of your research. This approach is used when we need to find needle in a haystack, and get you audience for that low incidence project and hard to reach sample. It allows us to both reach out to right sample, and even exclude the sample not relevant for the research.


This method allows us to reach to the respondents at the local level, and sending them surveys and content based on their demographics, such as country, region/state, city, organization, IP address, ISP or other criteria.


Torfac pays close attention to the overall survey activity of a respondent in our system, and assigns each one of them a “Wise-Score”. This system provides us two useful outputs. The members of our database are rewarded based on their “Wise-Score”, and their earning potential increases based on how thoughtful and wise they were in their survey activity. On the other hand, we are able to match respondents to a survey (or exclude them from a particular survey), based on their previous actions and history.