of the Market

Gain a better knowledge of the situation so you can make the best option possible every time. Build your company's future by better understanding your customers and their demands than ever before.

Think quick – Move quicker

Comprehend market size, and key contenders

Examine your talents, possibilities, and flaws.

Take advantage of major trends as they appear.

Section your market and reach out to the proper people.

Settle on the ideal choice – each and every time

Use Torfac’s self-regulated, self-administration arrangements or rely on us to assist with custom research programs. We’ve assembled our methodologies by coordinating honor winning Harris Interactive strategies into the stage, and proposition administrations to supplement our review plans.

Ideas and use:

Understand consumer interest in your brand, how and when they use your product and more.

Consumer experience and Loyalty

Realize what really matters to your clients, what drives fulfillment, and measure commitment over the long run. Develop steadfast clients. Guarantee you win clients back when you really want to.

Market estimating:

How huge is your market? Have you arrived at as far as possible, or do you have more work to do, and clients to win? We can assist you with understanding your market better.

Net advertiser:

Are your clients happy with your product or administration? Do they esteem your image? Will they persuade a companion to attempt your product? Comprehend their net advertiser score.

Way to-Purchase:

Where do clients catch wind of you first, and how would they draw in with your product. Where do they attempt, and where do they purchase? We can offer special bits of knowledge and social information to give an extensive view.


Every client is remarkable, yet we can assist you with understanding client sections and plan more powerful promoting procedures to expand commitment.

Discussions in real time:

Know what your interest group thinks about your image, your rivals and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Participate in live conversations with your clients and know what they truly think.

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Take a look at our comprehensive range of services.

We combine our board, our kin and our foundation to convey the experiences you want

We give you with high-value, high-quality insights on demand, whether you utilize the Torfac platform yourself or want us to assist you establish a research program. Learn more about who we are and what makes us particularly qualified to help you.


On-demand analytics can help you make better decisions.

At the speed of the on-demand economy, Torfac delivers real-time customer insights. We help customers explore tomorrow, now, by combining global size and local experience with breakthrough technology and award-winning research design.